Saturday, 24 January 2015



You. I'm convinced that you heard my heart calling and came into my life. Convinced that you possess the ability to read my mind.Convinced that God thought of me as he fashioned you. Every part of me senses that we're soulmates. 
You seem to understand my passion and answer it with a passion of your own that resembles it so closely, it's almost one and the same. Your intensity caught me completely by surprise, but the burn was such that I couldn't help but feel it. 

You were tender, oh so tender in your loving. You paid such close attention in your listening. You were gentle in ways that touched my heart and blew my mind. You were into me like no man has ever been into me, and I saw it, felt it, in everything that you did, in every word that you said.

How could I not fall for you? You touched me without physically touching me. You made love to my mind without making love to my body. You loved me till I couldn't help but feel it. How could I not respond to something so beautiful? Doesn't a flower open up to sunlight? Doesn't the earth drink in the rain? Oh, how I had a drought. And oh, how I needed the rain. And you didn't just rain; you reigned.

Your love is so strong that it breaks your heart when I cry. Your love is so strong that you're worried sick when I'm not well. Your love is so strong that you can't sleep when I'm mad at you. What a cruel twist of fate that I will never be able to revel in the full onslaught of that love. What a shame that the man who isn't afraid of being vulnerable in front of me will never get the chance to see me in my vulnerable moments.

What you don't know is the extent of how much I love you. Not wanting to be selfish, I have held back in showing you. A love so deep that I can drown in my thoughts of you. A love so hard that it practically hurts. A passion so on fire that I know you can feel it, clear across the self-imposed boundaries that separate us.

If you ever get the chance to read these words, just know this: I love you like no other. This is a true story.

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